Martin Tindall

Strategic Advisor, Founder, and Father in Australia, United States and Vanuatu

Martin Tindall is a Strategic Advisor, the Founder of Tindall.Life, Phoenix Life Sciences International Limitedand the Global Health Initiative.

Acting as a strategic advisor to several companies, Martin Tindall provides a solid background in business, finance, healthcare and technology. Leveraging experience, knowledge and a forward-thinking perspective that helps companies deliver successful projects.

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited is driving forward the delivery of networks of community healthcare clinics and national diabetes programs. See

The Global Health Initiative was created to deliver education and research collaboration within the medical cannabis industry, including its disease knowledgebase. See

Martin Tindall is currently building Tindall.Life to expand his philanthropic goals for global healthcare and education solutions. See

Mission: To create a future where patients repair, restore, and rejuvenate themselves and to introduce cannabinoid-based medicines to the mainstream medical community.

Martin Tindall now applies his 20+ years of experience covering business, finance, technology and management, and his forward-thinking perspective, to his various advisory and philanthropic roles.

Outside of work, Martin Tindall has a diverse range of hobbies including travel, scuba diving, snowboarding, wake surfing, atv quad racing, vehicles, boats, architecture, nutrition, and fitness.

"The Introduction of Phoenix Metabolic will be a game changer for the diabetes industry. An affordable product for governments to implement amongst their growing diabetic population. Reducing the cost of managing diabetes is one thing. Reducing the amputations, blindness and death of diabetics in least developed and developing nations is something that everyone aspires to. - come join me on this journey" said Martin Tindall.

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